About Us


Residents of Ottawa Carleton region adhering to the Malankara Orthodox Syrian faith, having felt the need for a Church in the area of Ottawa Carleton region received the support and guidance of late Rev. Dr. Parackel K. Mathew of the Malankara Orhodox Syrian Church and the parish was formed in February 1989. The objectives outlined at that time were as follows:

1. To establish a place of worship for the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christians in Canada.

2. To further the study and practice of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian faith.

3. To carry on its charitable objectives without purpose of gain for its members.

4. To use any profits or other accretions to the charity in promoting its objects, both within Canada and abroad.

About 15 to 20 families with children meet every month to continue the traditions and objectives established in 1989.
Along with the monthly service there is a prayer meeting held on the Saturday prior to the service and Sunday school for children following the Sunday Qurbana.
Anyone interested in knowing more about the church, please send an email to stthomas.ottawa@gmail.com


Fourth Sunday of every month